We recently we had a weekend where my team and I lead worship for a women’s conference just prior to our worship services.

So we lead a worship set Friday Night, Saturday day morning, then we did our church weekend sets that comprised a 6pm Saturday, and 9am and 11am services on Sunday.

All sets were a little over an hour with POWERFUL presence of God In all of them.  Plus, we closed each session with ministry time, which equates to more music for 30 plus minutes depending on what is going on with the Holy Spirit.

So we just completed our 3rd set, and I am coming home sweaty, stinky, and literally exhausted in a really awesome wonderful way.   I took a shower and soaked in the hot tub before I headed to bed for the next day of sets, and as I was reflecting on how amazing God was and how He just ROCKED us all with His presence, I was thanking Him and Praising Him and asked LORD what does it look like to go from Glory to Glory?

2 Corinthians 3:18  it says… So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image.

So He gave me this awesome “download” from heaven as I’m sitting there in the hot tub. He showed me how on earth there are physical mountain peaks and valleys, which can be a tangible illustration of peaks and valleys in our spiritual lives.

Day-to-day there are “Peaks,” or what I call good seasons and “Valleys” which are those not so good seasons.

So He shows me, BUT in the Kingdom of GOD there is only ONE mountain peak that reaches into heaven which is at my seat… and that we can keep climbing from the last moment of Glory to the next point of Glory…

You know just as a hiker who is climbing into new elevations on a huge hike, there are days that he must set camp and rest there so that his body can acclimate to the atmosphere, or elevation, and temperatures.

Now I’m not an aggressive hiker, but I have proposed the question as I see these amazing athletes climb these crazy high mountains, why in the world would they stay in tents on the side of the mountain while the winds are blowing and it’s snowing or raining? Why don’t they just get to the top so they can get down?

Right… I mean come on let’s get this done…

However, I understand from those much more educated in this climbing sport that you HAVE to stop ever so often to allow your body to catch up and acclimate to the surrounding elements.  BRILLIANT! So they REST, HYDRATE, NOURISH THEIR BODIES, and PREPARE for the next mountain level in their hike….

I realized that with every worship set I have to physically, mentally and spiritually come prepared through REST, HYDRATION, and NOURISHMENT for my soul, body and mind.

To PREPARE for the next worship set where I am EXPECTING another amazing encounter with God and an outpouring on His people through my music. I have permission to come with the expectation of not moving backwards, but reaching a new elevation with each set on this journey drawing us CLOSER to HIM because my eyes are on the final prize… Eternity!

What IF the season you are in is a time of RESTING, HYDRATING, NOURISHING and PREPARING and being changed more into HIS image for the next promotion God has for you on this amazing journey to His banquet table for eternity.

I think we need to hurry up and get our rest on so we can be ready for what is about to be.

Holy Spirit we thank you, that you know every detail about our daily purpose, that you are so wonderful and reveal the things that we need in order to walk this journey out with strength, courage and the correct equipping to finish strong.

Lord thank you for your wonderful visions that reveal your heart as we chase after you! I Love you poppa~ I ask that you bless my friends as they are learning more about you! ~ Agape – Candra

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