When coaching people, one of the first questions I ask is, “Do you think you are book smart, street smart or both?” I love to hear people’s perspective on how they have come to the place they are in life influenced by thoughts, behaviors, surroundings, and where their life journeys have taken them. I personally have been one of those individuals that are book smart when needed, yet I have learned LOTS through life’s amazing journey, or should I say “The Ringer” in some seasons. I have been blessed through it all and have gained great strength and wisdom from personal triumphs, challenges, with some amazing mentors, teachers, friends, family and most importantly the Lord. I have had the benefit of knowing Christ all my life, seeing his faithfulness and undeserved favor since I was a little girl. I am a mother of 3, wife to amazing husband Trevor; I own multiple small businesses and help others in business development, a worship pastor in my home church Faith Center, published author, singer, and songwriter both as a performer and a worship leader, and a life coach. Whew ~ How did all that happen?

My heart for this website and our ministry, is to impart all that I have learned over the years to others who are maybe growing, needing a mentor, or just seeking wisdom to glean from. With this passion in mind, I am starting a monthly newsletter, going to be posting some videos and will be updating my blog regularly. I aim to speak about leadership, mentoring, worship, building teams, being financially successful,  parenting, business and much, much more. I hope that you join in on this journey and interact with me along the way.  Feel free to send me an email or a message on facebook if you have any comments or questions.  I am so blessed to have had the life I have  in partnership with the Lord, and my sweet family.  All that the Lord has poured into us, we offer it to you!!  All wisdom comes from above and I know it is not mine to keep, so I look forward to sharimng everything with you and hearing from you as we begin this fund journey call LIFE! ~ God Bless!! Candra

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