Leading Worship and Teaching Workshops:
With over 25 years of experience in building teams and creating systems to maximize team growth. Candra’s expertise in multi-tasking allows her to own and manage multiple companies and mentor various worship teams and individuals while leading worship in her home church and special events. Her team often is utilized in worship conferences and training settings leading worship, teaching general sessions, and break out session both in word and musically. Our heart is to specifically build a teaching environment that would be a blessing to your congregation or ministry teams. Please contact me via email so we can further discuss your ministry needs. In worship events we bring a team that meets the needs off the individual church. This is a seamless team which allows Candra to focus on the ministry at hand.
“The time I spent with Candra is etched in my memory as a time of critical growth. I still often think of the questions she asked and the statements she made that challenged and stretched my thinking. She continually took the time to really hear me, and  she focused on building a relationship that allowed me to really hear her in return. I felt valued, safe and encouraged. Additionally, her coaching created exponential growth in areas that would propel me in the future seasons of my life.” Kelsy Colwell

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