We have had an incredible month of powerful conferences and people just getting crazy touched by God in a fresh way. 

As we completed our Easter services this weekend, I was excited for the many salvations that happened, and moved by the powerful testimonies that were given.

However, I found myself feeling a little weepy and exhausted which is not normal for me after such powerful moves of God. I am usually full of energy and Joy. I allowed myself to rest for the remainder of the day just thinking maybe I was physically exhausted, which in all reality is probably a part of why I was feeling the way I was.

So I connected with My spiritual father Roger Thrower and asked for prayer in my feeling of brokenness and just weepy. I couldn’t shake my heavy heart and I cant even say I was tired, because it was not a physical tired, it was an emotional weariness.

Roger spoke such wisdom as he reminded me that the same anointing that comes upon us to bring people into God’s presence goes WITHIN us to work deeper doing the same.

WHEW.. The light went OFF… God is allowing areas in my life and heart a fresh anointing, which means sometimes those areas need a fresh flushing of old ways… Every spring as I get my yard ready for the new life to come up I wash down the furniture, and get everything all clean.

I have this fountain that I love and so I flush clean water into the fountain until it overflows and the dirt and debris from winter wash over the sides and there is fresh clean water in my fountain.

That’s like me… Needing a fresh anointing to flush out the old debris. My heart is always for a deeper understanding and revelation from God to use me as He would choose. With that always comes the need to surrender to HIS will and HIS direction which most of the time means I have to sit and rest and WAIT on HIM…

Tough for a girl that works at mock speed, however I am learning…

So I just want to encourage you as you are in your walk and as seasons come that you can not quite put your finger on, as to what is going on in you… be encouraged that God knows ALL things.

His plans for you are good, He has a hope and a future and His promises are true. you can rest in the arms of your father and know that even in our times of being broken, the potter is remolding us to be more in his image. We can always come back to the plumb line and make sure we are doing our part in walking out God’s character in us.

I’m grateful God is Patient, and that I can draw from all the fruit of the spirit that I was created to carry. Galatians 5:22 But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness

Bless you in your journey!!! Love Candra

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